“The idea is what is most important to me when working on a project, film, game or animation. It is only after I arrive at the idea that I move on to conceptual work. I enjoy being involved in a given project from start to finish instead of jumping in and out, since that grants me much more control over the entire process.”
The work of a concept artist requires one to be flexible, which is why in its commercial context Michał Niewiara adapts to the needs of the client, focusing on skill and realism in his private work, always striving to imbue it with a feeling of lightness. A major portion of his art is made with the use of Photoshop, at times supplemented with 3D software such as ZBrush in order to achieve more reference in the creative process. Recently, he enjoys turning to art history, utilising the tried solutions of great masters.
Literature, film, classical painting and video games serve as the main source of inspiration in his artistic endeavours. He is a graduate of the Graphics and Media Arts Department at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, with Prof. Wiesław Gołuch and Prof. Roman Kowalik acting as the supervisors of his thesis. He contributed to such projects as “Skyforge,” “Polish Legends” or “Pilots,” an worked on special effects for the films "The Mines" and “Influence.”
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